My Antenna set up is:

80m Homebrew Inverted V Doublet, fed with 450 ohm Feeder at 25ft off a tree

20m Homebrew Delta Loop using Home Brew 4:1 Air Balun 24ft off a tree

15m Homebrew Delta Loop using 75 ohm quarter wave feeder 22ft off a tree

10m Sirio Gainmaster (vertical dipole) 6ft off the ground

6m Home Brew Delta Loop using 75 ohm quarter wave feeder 12ft off the tree

2/70 Co-linear 15ft off the ground

This was my first 20m Delta Loop.

This was my first 20m Delta Loop.

All home brew, I used:

2 x 8 meter fishing poles (fibre glass)

1 x Plasterers Plate

72 ft of Flexweave coated wire

4 x 50 mm Exhaust Clamps


This was raised up onto a 12ft pole attached to our line pole

when fully constructed it is 26ft high plus the 12ft pole

I did have a RigExpert AA54 Analyser to hand which helps.

I also had to make a 4:1 Air Balun

Unfortunately due to high winds the actual Plate it was mounted on failed and the whole thing came crashing down, it did last a couple of years though.

I rescued the wire and Balun and this time put 3 dog bone insulators on it and then attached it to the pulley rope that holds up the 80m Doublet.

All of the Delta Loops are resonant on the bands they are designed for and are all connected to the same pulley up the tree, leaving a few feet between each one, they are all in a V shape being polarized vertical.

Delta Loop Configurations
Delta Loop Configurations

All the Delta loops are all fed into a 5 way Remote Switch

They work very very well, for very little money.

10m Vertical also is fed into the Remote Switch

The 80m doublet is fed all the way back to the radio and bypass’s the switch, very handy if the switch ever goes tit’s up, you still have an antenna that can work.