Setting up a simple ADSB server with a Raspberry Pi, is really pretty simple.

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ADSB Server using Raspberry Pi 3, RTL TV Dongle. Picture taken from FlightAware System

You too can set one up and run your own Raspbery Pi ADSB Server using a PiAware boot image, allowing you to share your flight data with others uploading to FlightAware for free.

FlightAware Station Stats

You can also set it up to add it to ADS B-Exchange, which is all unfiltered traffic, so you not only see what your receiver is picking up but also Military as well as Civil from other servers that are also attached around the world..

Picture Taken from ADS b-exchange

You can also run all this without using a Raspberry Pi, you can use a windows PC, running, Dump 1090 and then using Virtual Radar Server so you can get access on your tablet around the house or pc’s as long as they are connected to your network you can get access and even set up users.

I use the Virtual Radar Server Software on my Windows PC to get the data from the Raspberry Pi across the network.

Virtual Radar Server running on a Windows PC

ADSB Antenna’s, now that’s another ball game, and without one you wont pick up many aircraft at all.

I will add to this section on how to make a cheap co-liner antenna specifically for ADSB at a later date..

It will show my ADSB system live from Bexleyheath once I suss out how to add a live page on wordpress..