Yaesu FTDX5000MP is yaesu ftdx5000mpfully loaded and just something else to use, its noise filtering is incredible, provided I don’t get the dreaded nasty buzz that appears at this QTH, this radio can just pull them out from a pile up.

Yaesu FT1000MP has some extra filters fitted plus the noise floor mod done to it before we got it, and again this is a very capable radio indeed, if you ever come across one then you will not be disappointed with it one bit.

Yaesu FT857d, if you get one of these, fit a TCXO,  it will probably need it and when working ssb on 2m it will show up big time, especially if you are working digital modes, if you can load it with the two extra filters then do so.

This one is fully kitted out now, again, this is a very competent little radio being all mode 160m to 70cm and we hit over 1100 contacts between myself and Tina with this little radio when we was only foundation licence holders.

The Atas 120a is a great little antenna and it really does work, just make sure you have a good ground with it on the vehicle.